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" Medina Network's staff?is very knowledgeable in their field, but just as important,?they?are honest.?Their staff?will always do?their best to solve any IT problem that you may experience, and the company will not sell you something that they really feel you don't need. That means a lot to me. When I want an honest assessment of something that is not my specialty, I'll call Medina Networks for help. I don't need someone to sell me something so I can fatten their wallet. I need help with a real problem. That's where?Medina Networks?excels "

Billy Clausen
President, American Dream Holdings Corp

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IT Support Services

IT Support Services

Take control of your business.  Stop wasting time jerry-rigging your IT environment. We will help manage you IT Network so you can focus on your core business and have you computer network just work like it is suppo...

Low Cost/High Tech IP Phone Systems

Low Cost/High Tech IP Phone Systems

Expand your business while lowering your costs!  VoIP phone systems deliver a professional and affordable telecommunication option for many small businesses. There are many general advantages, but there are some speci...

Small Business Experts

Small Business Experts

We help you GROW!!  Time is money for small businesses.  Wasted time can wipe you out quickly.  You need to make sure your systems are their when you need them.  Medina Networks provides IT support services, IT ho...

Law Office Specialists

Law Office Specialists

Medina Network leverages years of experience and established best practices in servicing small and medium size law office environments to assist organizations plan, design, implement, and support a fully utilized an...

Amazingly Professional

Not your ordinary IT Technician!  Not only do we have the best technical training, but we put our techs through a six week soft-skills training. Our technicians and engineers can handle any situation.

One point of Contact

You don't need to know anything about computers, whether to hire an engineer or progammer, where to buy equipment, etc...We take care of everything while you focus on your core business.

We Just Make it Work

Why isn't it working?? How do I accomplish that? Isn't it suppose to?...Stop racking your brains or worrying if the project will get done on time. We give peace of mind because when we are on the job, things just work.

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IT Consulting Services

Small and Medium Business Consulting Specialists!


Whether you need network, telecommunications, IT Consulting Services or web development assistance, Medina Networks can help. Click on the following links to see how.


  • Network Solutions

    • Set up new office/ Redo existing office
    • Large and small network and computer problems solved 
    • Network engineering, implementation, maintenance & repair
    • Workstation maintenance & repair
    • Web development
    • Cabling repair and installation

We accept all credit cards

IT Consulting Service



  • Telecommunication Solutions

    • We help you cut costs with your phone systems/lines
    • Evaluation and consultation
    • VOIP planning, provisioning and installation
    • Hardware and installation
    • Cost audits and recommendations
  • ISP Solutions

    • We negociate with your Internet Provider
    • MPLS Service
    • Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL)
    • ISDN Digital Subscriber Line (IDSL)
    • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
    • Burstable T1 Service
    • Speeds (upstream and downstream)?
  • Hardware & Software

    • Cisco VPN and Security Products
    • Cisco Wireless LAN Products
    • IP Phones
    • Modular Messaging
    • And much, much more...
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