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" Since Medina Networks' staff took over our law firm's computer and network maintenance issues, we have been virtually trouble-free. This group really cares about its clients and we are routinely given personal, professional and dependable service, all at a fair price. "

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Expand your business while lowering your costs!  VoIP phone systems deliver a professional and affordable telecommunication option for many small businesses. There are many general advantages, but there are some specific situations where VoIP can make an immediate positive impact on your business.

Multiple locations

A VoIP phone system is ideal for companies with employees in different locations. In particular, companies with different branches, telecommuters, or remote sales offices can save with VoIP. If your employees are already connected to a company Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN), you are a prime candidate for a VoIP system.

Simplified management

VoIP also greatly simplifies the Move, Add, Change (MAC) process, because almost all hosted VoIP systems are configurable through a web interface that allows your internal administrator to:

  • Add or remove extensions
  • Change auto attendant settings
  • Enable call forwarding or call groups
  • Configure voicemail settings

This means lower ongoing costs, since you won't need to call your vendor for every MAC. And because multiple offices are seamlessly connected, they can share a company number, receptionist, auto-attendant, and voice mail system.

Wireless solutions

With the extensive use of cell phones in the business market, there is an obvious connection to wireless VoIP. Since cell phone coverage is often poor inside buildings, wireless VoIP offers some significant advantages. With call forwarding, calls placed to office numbers are easily redirected to mobile devices, which helps to unify communications.

Other benefits of VoIP

  • Unlimited calling
  • 800 numbers
  • Numbers in different locations
  • Voicemail to email
  • Scalability


Medina Networks Provides a complete VOIP solution including VOIP PBX. Our system is easy to install and configure, it includes a web-based configuration interface, voice mail, auto attendant, call hunting and other features.

We  recognizes that SMBs are continually seeking ways to gain profit margins while keeping abreast with technology and efficiently communicating within their organizaiton as well as with vendors, partners and clients. SMBs can see an immediate cost savings of up to 70% over the cost of conventional communications networks once they deploy SIP Trunking. The decrease in cost per minute for communication furnished by SIP Trunking grants SMBs a fast return on investment when compared to conventional TDM/POTS offerings.

Medina Networks solutions enable SMBs to attain the benefits of SIP Trunking regardless of their existing infrastructure. The unique design of the Medina Networks communication network provides business continuity during and after migration to IP communications. SMBs may deploy SIP Trunking rapidly, gradually adding features that offer the most benefit whilst savoring the cost savings and productivity enhancements made possible with unified communications. Medina Networks and its partners have been in the lead of the VoIP revolution for a long time, satisfying customers specific requirements for dependability, scalability and interoperability with custom-made solutions and implementation.

SMBs can leverage the benefits of SIP Trunking with legacy CPE without incurring the costs of buying or upgrading to brand-new equipment by employing a gateway device. For staged migration to IP communications, SMBs have the choice of retaining a few TDM lines for redundancy during and after deployment. This method allows for supplementary business continuity/disaster recovery security while maximizing the use of previously installed equipment


For more information or a brochure, please contact us at: 914-816-1127 and ask for the sales department.